The Automatic Solar powered Sanitizer soap/water Despenser is designed to help fight the pandemic Covid -19 in DSPG


The system designed by Engr Emmanuel Mormah of Electrical electronics Dept is designed with the following;

Photovoltaic Cell( solar panel) 80watts
Solar charge controller 30amps by 12/24 VDC.
Water sink with a exit of used Dispense water, 25 litres of water gallon, 4 litres of soap gallon and an ultrasonic designed circuit
And a cabinet furniture casing.

Operational principals considering the fact that contact could be a means of transmission or transfer of covid 19 from a carrier to another, it was decided to research on a possible way one case engage in the process of washing of hands without manually getting contact with the tap on and off.

Using a PIC display the machine was programedto do the following.

*Detect hand—— soao dispense—-Srub hand—— water dispense—– dryer activated.
Within this cycle , the integrated circuit has been directed through an ultrasonic sensor to detect your hand in 1sec as a means of switch on.
As soon as it detects you hand, the device is to release soap for 2 seconds, after which stage two will delay for 6 seconds at that point the device request you scrub your hand with the soap dispensed. As soon as the time elapses, the device displays dispense water and programmed to run for 13secs. As soon as the time is exceeded, the dryer is activated by the command stored in the SG-IC and that operates for another 8seconds that ends the circle of operation.
All the entire process occurs in 30secs.

Engr Emmanuel Mormah explaining the design to the Rector and Management of DSPG

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