The event kicked-off with the Rector’s (Prof. S.C. Chiemeke) entry into the reception hall, as she asked a student, Ekwuyasi Ifeyinwa amongst the athletes to take the opening prayer.

An introduction of the invitees which included the Polytechnic C.E.O/Rector, Deputy Rector, Registrar, Bursar, Librarian, Sports Committee Chairman, Director of Sports, ICT Director, Director of Academic Planning, Director of SPAT, Dean of Arts and Design, Dean of Students, etc was done by the P.R.O of the Institution.

The Rector began with a welcome address to the returnee students, showering praises and pouring enconiums on them for their participation in the NIPOGA event, held @ University of Illorin, Illorin, Kwara State.

The Chairman of the Polytechnic Sports Committee took the stage next, after standing on existing protocols, thanked the school management staff for giving the students the opportunity to attend the games @ Illorin, Kwara State. He also notified the assembly of management staff and all others present of a student who sustained injuries during the competition.

After that, a formal introduction was made on the participating students before the entire gathering by the same Polytechnic Sports Committee Chairman.

The Rector,rose to meet the entire retinue of students that participated in the competition, giving them the much awaited “Rectoral Handshake”, while handing over their various medals to them.

Cash awards were also presented by the Rector, on behalf of the Polytechnic Management, while reiterating to the the athletes “that there is no amount of money given that can be compared to their outstanding efforts… the cash awards is just a token of appreciation”.

Also, officials that accompanied the students to the NIPOGA games were also given cash awards by the Rector, on behalf of the Polytechnic Management.

The Rector went further to notify the Sports Committee, that the news of the injured student was unknown to the Management of the Institution, and such a case should have be hinted ahead.

Finally, the S.U.G Director of Sports, Akpobi Victor was called upon by the Polytechnic P.R.O to give a vote of thanks to the Management Staff, while the Dean of Students gave the closing prayers.

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